Annual Bird-Spotting Lists

2014 Bird List

1. Carrion Crow (Back Garden, Reigate)
2. Wood Pigeon (Back Garden, Reigate)
3. Feral Pigeon (Back Garden, Reigate)
4. Collared Dove (Back Garden, Reigate)
5. Blue Tit (Back Garden, Reigate)
6. Pied Wagtail (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
7. Mallard (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
8. Mute Swan (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
9. Coot (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
10. Moorhen (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
11. Tufted Duck (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
12. Pochard (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
13. Great Crested Grebe (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
14. Kingfisher (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
15. Robin (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
16. Blackbird (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
17. Black-Headed Gull (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
18. Canada Goose (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
19. Magpie (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
20. Cormorant (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
21. Starling (Woodhatch, Reigate)
22. House Sparrow (Woodhatch, Reigate)
23. Jackdaw (Woodhatch, Reigate)
24. Grey Heron (Woodhatch, Reigate)
25. Common Pheasant (Buckland)
26. Jay (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
27. Chaffinch (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
28. Great Tit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
29. Wren (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
30. Dunnock (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
31. Greenfinch (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
32. Kestrel (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
33. Redwing (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
34. Fieldfare (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
35. Song Thrush (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
36. Nuthatch (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
37. Peregrine Falcon (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
38. Pintail (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
39. Wigeon (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
40. Bullfinch (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
41. Green Woodpecker (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
42. Lapwing (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
43. Treecreeper (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
44. Common Buzzard (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
45. Meadow Pipit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
46. Linnet (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
47. Coal Tit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
48. Long-Tailed Tit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
49. Great Spotted Woodpecker (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
50. Goldcrest (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
51. Rook (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
52. Red Kite (M4 Junction 10)
53. Goldfinch (M4 nr Membury Services)
54. Mistle Thrush (Mary the Virgin Church, Frensham)
55. Glossy Ibis (Mary the Virgin Church, Frensham)
56. Lesser Redpoll (Great Pond, Frensham)
57. Muscovy Duck (Pirbright Pond, Woking)
58. Little Grebe (The Moors Nature Reserve, Redhill)
59. Shoveler (The Moors Nature Reserve, Redhill)
60. Teal (The Moors Nature Reserve, Redhill)
61. Gadwall (The Moors Nature Reserve, Redhill)
62. Egyptian Goose (Mercers Park Lake, Merstham)
63. Yellowhammer (Spynes Mere Nature Reserve, Merstham)
64. Siskin (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
65. Ring-Necked Parakeet (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
66. Stock Dove (River Wey, Send)
67. Sparrowhawk (River Wey, Send)
68. Stonechat (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
69. Reed Bunting (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
70. Avocet (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
71. Shelduck (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
72. Marsh Harrier (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
73. Hen Harrier (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
74. Little Egret (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
75. Brent Goose (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
76. Dartford Warbler (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
77. Red-Breasted Merganser (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
78. Spoonbill (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
79. Curlew (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
80. Redshank (RSPB Arne, Dorset)
81. Grey Wagtail (River Wey, Send)
82. Dunlin (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
83. Red-Crested Pochard (Frenches Pond, Redhill)
84. Great Black-Backed Gull (Mercers Park Lake, Merstham)
85. Lesser Black-Backed Gull (Earlswood Lake, Redhill)
86. Greylag Goose (Goldsworth Park Lake)
87. Goldeneye (Staines Reservoir)
88. Skylark (Staines Moor)
89. Great Northern Diver (Staines Reservoir)
90. Chiffchaff (Earlswood Lake)
91. Water Rail (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
92. Mediterranean Gull (West Beach, Littlehampton)
93. Herring Gull (West Beach, Littlehampton)
94. Turnstone (West Beach, Littlehampton)
95. Cetti’s Warbler (RSPB Dungeness)
96. Scaup (RSPB Dungeness)
97. Oystercatcher (RSPB Dungeness)
98. Common Gull (RSPB Dungeness)
99. Smew (RSPB Dungeness)
100. Black-Throated Diver (RSPB Dungeness)
101. Mandarin Duck (River Wey, Send)
102. Goosander (River Wey, Send)
103. Red-Legged Partridge (North Downs Way, Buckland)
104. Barn Swallow (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
105. Blackcap (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
106. Common Whitethroat (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
107. Dipper (River Wiembach, Quettingen, Germany)
108. Black Kite (Eifel National Park, Rurberg, Germany)
109. Common Redstart (Eifel National Park, Rurberg, Germany)
110. Marsh Tit (Eifel National Park, Rurberg, Germany)
111. Nightingale (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
112. Sand Martin (Pulborough)
113. Sedge Warbler (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
114. Barn Owl (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
115. Cuckoo (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
116. Hobby (Leigh Woods, Avon Gorge)
117. House Martin (Chew Valley Lake)
118. Swift (Chew Valley Lake)
119. Garden Warbler (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
120. Common Tern (Warnham Nature Reserve)
121. Reed Warbler (Papercourt Meadows, Send)
122. Yellow Wagtail (Elmley Marshes)
123. Ringed Plover (Elmley Marshes)
124. Black-Tailed Godwit (Elmley Marshes)
125. Osprey (Rutland Water)
126. Tree Sparrow (Rutland Water)
127. Little Gull (RSPB Titchwell Marsh)
128. Little Tern (RSPB Titchwell Marsh)
129. Black Swan (RSPB Strumpshaw Fen)
130. Bittern (RSPB Strumpshaw Fen)
131. Snipe (RSPB Buckenham Marshes)
132. Kittiwake (Lowestoft Harbour)
133. Woodlark (Dunwich Heath)
134. Tawny Owl (Dunwich Heath)
135. Barnacle Goose (RSPB Minsmere)
136. Sandwich Tern (RSPB Minsmere)
137. Bar-Tailed Godwit (RSPB Minsmere)
138. Black Redstart (RSPB Minsmere)
139. Bearded Tit (RSPB Minsmere)
140. Greenshank (Cley Marshes)
141. Little Ringed Plover (Cley Marshes)
142. Little Owl (Titchwell, King’s Lynn)
143. Grey Partridge (Docking, King’s Lynn)
144. Willow Warbler (Ashdown Forest)
145. Tree Pipit (Ashdown Forest)
146. Short-Toed Eagle (Ashdown Forest)
147. Spotted Flycatcher (Ashdown Forest)
148. Green Sandpiper (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
149. Wood Sandpiper (Rutland Water)
150. Gannet (Bamburgh)
151. Wheatear (Bamburgh)
152. Rock Pipit (Bamburgh)
153. Eider (Bamburgh)
154. Puffin (Staple Island)
155. Fulmar (Staple Island)
156. Shag (Staple Island)
157. Guillemot (Staple Island)
158. Razorbill (Staple Island)
159. Arctic Tern (Inner Farne)
160. Golden Plover (The Holy Island of Lindisfarne)
161. Great White Egret (RSPB Lakenheath Fen)
162. Stone Curlew (Weeting Heath)
163. Turtle Dove (Weeting Heath)
164. Black-Winged Stilt (Cavenham Heath)
165. Common Sandpiper (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
166. Long-Tailed Skua (East Beach, Selsey)
167. Whimbrel (RSPB Pagham Harbour)
168. European Bee-Eater (Niton, Isle of Wight)
169. Sanderling (Ryde Harbour, Isle of Wight)
170. Firecrest (Brownsea Island)
171. Knot (Shell Beach, Studland Bay)
172. Pectoral Sandpiper (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
173. Ruddy Duck (Chew Valley Lake)
174. Ruff (Oare Marshes)
175. Curlew Sandpiper (Oare Marshes)
176. Lesser Whitethroat (RSPB Dungeness)
177. Black-Necked Grebe (RSPB Dungeness)
178. Whinchat (Elmley Marshes)
179. Grey Plover (Keyhaven Marsh)
180. Spotted Redshank (Keyhaven Marshes)
181. Little Stint (Pennington Marsh)
182. Grey Phalarope (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
183. Brambling (Leith Hill)
184. Ring Ouzel (Leith Hill)
185. Short-Eared Owl (Papercourt Meadows)
186. Shore Lark (Reculver)
187. Pink-Footed Goose (RSPB Snettisham)
188. Whooper Swan (WWT Welney)
189. Bewick’s Swan (WWT Welney)
190. Purple Sandpiper (Brighton Marina)
191. Corn Bunting (Capel Fleet)
192. Snow Bunting (Swalecliffe)
193. Great Grey Shrike (Chilham)
194. Ring-Billed Gull (Gosport)
195. European White-Fronted Goose (WWT Slimbridge)
196. Ruddy Shelduck (WWT Slimbridge)
197. Ferruginous Duck (WWT Slimbridge)
198. Common Crane (WWT Slimbridge)
199. Raven (Brean Down)
200. Jack Snipe (Brean Down)
201. Water Pipit (Brean Down)

2015 Bird List

1st January
1. Starling (Reigate, Back garden)
2. Magpie (Reigate, Back garden)
3. Wood Pigeon (Reigate, Back garden)
4. Carrion Crow (Reigate, Back garden)
5. Blackbird (Reigate, Back garden)
6. Robin (Reigate, Back garden)
7. Black-Headed Gull (Earlswood Common)
8. Jackdaw (Tesco, Hookwood)
9. House Sparrow (Knaphill)
2nd January
10. Blue Tit (Knaphill)
11. Collared Dove (Knaphill)
12. Long-Tailed Tit (Knaphill)
13. Jay (Pirbright)
14. Canada Goose (Pirbright)
15. Mallard (Pirbright)
16. Mistle Thrush (Ash Ranges)
17. Coal Tit (Ash Ranges)
18. Stonechat (Ash Ranges)
19. Goldcrest (Ash Ranges)
20. Common Buzzard (Ash Ranges)
21. Red Kite (Ash Ranges)
22. Wren (Ash Ranges)
23. Treecreeper (Ash Ranges)
24. Common Pheasant (Buckland)
3rd January
25. Greylag (Pulborough Brooks)
26. Nuthatch (Pulborough Brooks)
27. Moorhen (Pulborough Brooks)
28. Meadow Pipit (Pulborough Brooks)
29. Kestrel (Pulborough Brooks)
30. Great Tit (Pulborough Brooks)
31. Green Woodpecker (Pulborough Brooks)
32. Rook (Pulborough Brooks)
33. Wigeon (Pulborough Brooks)
34. Pintail (Pulborough Brooks)
35. Teal (Pulborough Brooks)
35. Lapwing (Pulborough Brooks)
36. Pied Wagtail (Pulborough Brooks)
37. Fieldfare (Pulborough Brooks)
38. Dunnock (Pulborough Brooks)
39. Shoveler (Pulborough Brooks)
40. Shelduck (Pulborough Brooks)
41. Chaffinch (Pulborough Brooks)
4th January
42. Mute Swan (Earlswood Lake)
43. Egyptian Goose (Earlswood Lake)
44. Coot (Earlswood Lake)
45. Tufted Duck (Earlswood Lake)
46. Cormorant (Earlswood Lake)
47. Pochard (Earlswood Lake)
48. Redwing (Earlswood Lake)
5th January
49. Stock Dove
50. Ring-Necked Parakeet
7th January
51. Grey Heron (Howell Hill)
12th January
52. Sparrowhawk (River Wey, Send)
53. Little Egret (Papercourt Lock)
54. Goldfinch (River Wey, Send)
55. Linnet (Papercourt Meadow)
13th January
56. Great Spotted Woodpecker (Earlswood Common)
57. Kingfisher (Earlswood Lake)
14th January
58. Common Gull (Earlswood Lake)
59. Great Crested Grebe (Earlswood Lake)
15th January
60. Bullfinch (Earlswood Lake)
16th January
61. Barn Owl (Papercourt Meadow)
17th January
62. Feral Pigeon (Guildford)
18th January
63. Little Grebe (Mercer’s Lake)
64. Lesser Black-Backed Gull (Spynes Mere)
65. Little Owl (Mercer’s Country Park)
66. Gadwall (Mercer’s Lake)
67. Common Snipe (The Moors)
68. Jack Snipe (The Moors)
69. Greenfinch (The Moors)
19th January
70. Song Thrush (Papercourt Meadow)
71. Reed Bunting (Papercourt Meadow)
23rd January
72. Peregrine Falcon (Papercourt Meadow)
24th January
73. Water Rail (WWT Arundel)
74. Muscovy Duck (Swanbourne Lake, Arundel)
25th January
75. Chiffchaff (Watercolour Lagoon)
76. Smew (Watercolour Lagoon)
7th February
77. Herring Gull (Watercolour Lagoon)
8th February
78. Grey Wagtail (Earlswood Lake)
12th February
79. Marsh Tit (Hill Park)
15th February
80. Black-Tailed Godwit (Pulborough Brooks)
16th February
81. Skylark (Papercourt Meadow)
22nd February
82. Great Grey Shrike (Chilham)
83. Common Redshank (Elmley)
84. Oystercatcher (Elmley)
85. Ruff (Elmley)
86. Curlew (Elmley)
87. Marsh Harrier (Elmley)
88. Dunlin (Elmley)
1st March
89. Goosander (Pennymead Lake)
90. Goldeneye (Staines Reservoir)
91. Great Northern Diver (Staines Reservoir)
92. Scaup (Staines Reservoir)
7th March
93. Mediterranean Gull (Arundel WWT)
14th March
94. Brambling (Leith Hill)
18th March
95. Firecrest (Earlswood Common)
21st March
96. Mandarin Duck (Warnham)
22nd March
97. Raven (Newhaven)
98. Fulmar (Newhaven)
99. Great Black-Backed Gull (Newhaven)
100. Kittiwake (Seaford Head)
101. Rock Pipit (Seaford Head)
28th March
102. Sand Martin (Cheddar Reservoir)
5th April
103. Cetti’s Warbler (RSPB Dungeness)
104. Tree Sparrow (RSPB Dungeness)
7th April
105. Northern Wheatear (Papercourt Meadow)
106. House Martin (Papercourt Meadows)
9th April
107. Blackcap (Earlswood Lake)
12th April
108. Tree Pipit (Crooksbury Common)
13th April
109. Sedge Warbler (Papercourt Meadow)
110. Swallow (Papercourt Meadow)
14th April
111. Lesser Redpoll (Earlswood Lake)
17th April
112. Common Whitethroat (Papercourt Meadow)
19th April
113. Yellowhammer (Leigh)
114. Nightingale (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
115. Little Ringed Plover (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
116. Willow Warbler (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
20th April
117. Cuckoo (Papercourt Meadow)
26th April
118. Green Sandpiper (The Moors)
28th April
119. GARGANEY (The Moors)
120. Common Sandpiper (The Moors)
2nd May
121. Common Swift (Pulborough Brooks)
8th May
122. Garden Warbler (Papercourt Meadow)
123. Reed Warbler (Papercourt Meadow)
11th May
124. Red-Legged Partridge (Brockham)
16th May
125. Hobby (Thursley Common)
126. Dartford Warbler (Thursley Common)
127. Common Tern (Britten’s Pond, Worplesdon)
23rd May
128. Osprey (Rutland Water)
129. Ringed Plover (Rutland Water)
25th May
130. Avocet (Frampton Marsh)
131. Little Tern (Titchwell)
26th May
132. Bearded Tit (Cley Marshes)
133. Gannet (Offshore, Cley Marshes)
134. Sandwich Tern (Cley Marshes)
27th May
135. Wood Sandpiper (Hickling Broad)
136. Bittern (Hickling Broad)
28th May
137. Black Swan (Strumpshaw Fen)
29th May
138. Barnacle Goose (Minsmere)
139. Turnstone (Minsmere)
140. Little Gull (Minsmere)
30th May
142. Greenshank (RSPB Minsmere)
10th June
143. Woodlark (Ash Ranges)
144. WOODCOCK (Ash Ranges)
28th July
145. Puffin (Martin’s Haven)
146. Razorbill (Martin’s Haven)
147. Shag (Martin’s Haven)
29th July
148. CHOUGH (Ramsey Island)
31st July
149. MANX SHEARWATER (off Skomer)
9th August
150. Spotted Flycatcher (Denbies Hillside)
25th August
151. BLACK TERN (Earlswood Lake)
20th September
152. Grey Phalarope (Cuckmere Haven)
26th September
153. Siskin (Duke’s Warren)
27th September
154. Whinchat (Elmley)
155. Grey Plover (Elmley)
156. Knot (Elmley)
6th October
157. Short-Eared Owl (Papercourt Meadow)
26th October
158. HOODED CROW (Sofia)
27th October
160. COMMON CROSSBILL (Borovets)
161. Corn Bunting (Borovets)
162. Black Redstart (Borovets)
28th October
163. BLACK WOODPECKER (Borovets)
29th October
165. SERIN (Borovets)
166. NORTHERN GOSHAWK (Borovets)
167. HAWFINCH (Borovets)
30th October
168. ALPINE CHOUGH (Musala Peak)
27th December
169. Brent Goose (Elmley)

2016 Bird List

1st January
1. Herring Gull (Worle)
2. Starling (Worle)
3. Goldfinch (Worle)
4. House Sparrow (Worle)
5. Magpie (Worle)
6. Black-Headed Gull (Worle)
7. Wood Pigeon (Worle)
8. Carrion Crow (Worle)
9. Jackdaw (Worle)
10. Pied Wagtail (Milton)
11. Blackbird (Hutton)
12. Rook (Lympsham)
13. Mallard (nr Brean)
14. Moorhen (nr Brean)
15. Raven (Brean Down)
16. Long-Tailed Tit (Brean Down)
17. Great Tit (Brean Down)
18. Rock Pipit (Brean Down)
19. Shelduck (Brean Down)
20. Oystercatcher (Brean Down)
21. Cormorant (Brean Down)
22. Black Redstart (Brean Down)
23. Robin (Brean Down)
24. Stonechat (Brean Down)
25. Wren (Brean Down)
26. Dunnock (Brean Down)
2nd January
27. Common Buzzard (J20 M5)
28. Collared Dove (Woodford)
29. Greylag Goose (WWT Slimbridge)
30. Mute Swan (WWT Slimbridge)
31. Coot (WWT Slimbridge)
32. Feral Pigeon (WWT Slimbridge)
33. Bewick’s Swan (WWT Slimbridge)
34. Pochard (WWT Slimbridge)
35. Tufted Duck (WWT Slimbridge)
36. Teal (WWT Slimbridge)
37. Pintail (WWT Slimbridge)
38. Scaup (WWT Slimbridge)
39. Grey Wagtail (WWT Slimbridge)
40. Lapwing (WWT Slimbridge)
41. Lesser Black-Back Gull (WWT Slimbridge)
42. Wigeon (WWT Slimbridge)
43. Shoveler (WWT Slimbridge)
44. Canada Goose (WWT Slimbridge)
45. Curlew (WWT Slimbridge)
46. Black-Tailed Godwit (WWT Slimbridge)
47. Common Redshank (WWT Slimbridge)
48. Chaffinch (WWT Slimbridge)
49. Blue Tit (WWT Slimbridge)
50. White-Fronted Goose (WWT Slimbridge)
51. Reed Bunting (WWT Slimbridge)
52. Little Stint (WWT Slimbridge)
53. Dunlin (WWT Slimbridge)
54. Golden Plover (WWT Slimbridge)
55. Grey Phalarope (WWT Slimbridge)
56. Little Egret (WWT Slimbridge)
57. Grey Heron (WWT Slimbridge)
58. Gadwall (WWT Slimbridge)
59. Little Grebe (WWT Slimbridge)
60. Common Pheasant (WWT Slimbridge)
61. Common Crane (WWT Slimbridge)
4th January
62. Ring-Necked Parakeet (Norbury Park)
5th January
63. Redwing (Back Garden, Reigate)
64. Song Thrush (Howell Hill)
65. Green Woodpecker (Howell Hill)
66. Kestrel (Howell Hill)
67. Great Spotted Woodpecker (Howell Hill)
6th January
68. Skylark (Howell Hill)
7th January
69. Fieldfare (Howell Hill)
8th January
70. Treecreeper (Norbury Park)
71. Nuthatch (Norbury Park)
9th January
72. Coal Tit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
73. Peregrine Falcon (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
74. Meadow Pipit (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
75. Great-Crested Grebe (Earlswood Lake)
10th January
76. Jay (Earlswood Common)
77. Goldcrest (Earlswood Lake)
12th January
78. Bullfinch (A25 nr Brockham)
15th January
79. Common Gull (Field nr Nower Wood)
18th January
80. Siskin (Earlswood Lake)
81. Kingfisher (Earlswood Lake)
19th January
82. Lesser Redpoll (Earlswood Lake)
23rd January

83. Red Kite (M3)
84. Turnstone (Titchfield Haven)
85. Sanderling (Titchfield Haven)
86. Black Swan (Titchfield Haven)
87. Marsh Harrier (Titchfield Haven)
88. Barnacle Goose (Titchfield Haven)
89. Great Black-Backed Gull (Titchfield Haven)
90. Water Rail (Titchfield Haven)
91. Brent Goose (Titchfield Haven)
92. Common Snipe (Titchfield Haven)
93. Bar-Tailed Godwit (Titchfield Haven)
24th January
94. Barn Owl (Papercourt Meadow)
25th January
95. Sparrowhawk (Norbury Park)
29th January
96. Chiffchaff (The Moors)
30th January
97. Yellowhammer (Mercers Lake)
31st January
98. Mistle Thrush (Norbury Park)
1st February
99. Goosander (Widewater Lagoon)
100. Red-Breasted Merganser (Widewater Lagoon)
101. Purple Sandpiper (Shoreham Fort)
102. Muscovy Duck (Arundel)
103. GLAUCOUS GULL (Goring-by-Sea)
6th February
104. Ringed Plover (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
9th February
105. Stock Dove (Norbury Park)
15th February
106. LESSER SCAUP (Cosmeston Country Park)
16th February
107. Dipper (River Neath, Pontneddfechan)
17th February
108. Greenfinch (Newport Wetlands)
109. Grey Plover (Newport Wetlands)
18th February
110. RED GROUSE (Brecon Beacons)
111. Linnet (Horsebere Pool, Gloucester)
25th February
112. Mandarin Duck (Norbury Park)
6th March
113. Goldeneye (RSPB Dungeness)
114. Cetti’s Warbler (RSPB Dungeness)
115. Smew (RSPB Dungeness)
116. LONG-EARED OWL (RSPB Dungeness)
117. Firecrest (RSPB Dungeness)
118. Bearded Tit (RSPB Dungeness)
119. Great White Egret (RSPB Dungeness)
13th March
120. Black-Necked Grebe (Staines Reservoir)
121. Water Pipit (Staines Moor)
21st March
122. Marsh Tit (Bookham Common)
25th March
123. Red-Legged Partridge (nr Birdlip, Gloucester)
26th March
124. House Martin (Horsebere Pool)
125. Ruff (WWT Slimbridge)
126. Sand Martin (WWT Slimbridge)
127. Avocet (WWT Slimbridge)
128. Swallow (WWT Slimbridge)
3rd April
129. Great Grey Shrike (Ashdown Forest)
4th April
130. Willow Warbler (RSPB Exminster Marshes)
5th April
131. Wheatear (Dawlish Warren NNR)
132. Short-Eared Owl (Dawlish Warren NNR)
133. CIRL BUNTING (Labrador Bay)
134. Blackcap (Labrador Bay)
6th April
8th April
136. Spotted Redshank (RSPB Bowling Green Marsh)
137. Greenshank (Goosemoor)
138. BONAPARTE’S GULL (RSPB Bowling Green Marsh)
9th April
139. Goshawk (RSPB Bowling Green Marsh)
140. Sandwich Tern (Orcombe Point, Exmouth)
141. Kittiwake (Sandy Bay, Exmouth)
11th April
142. Sedge Warbler (Papercourt Meadow)
12th April
143. Dartford Warbler (Chobham Common)
14th April
144. Common Whitethroat (Papercourt Meadow)
22nd April
145. Woodlark (Chobham Common)
1st May
146. Lesser Whitethroat (Brockham BBS)
147. Yellow Wagtail (Elmley NNR)
148. Common Tern (Elmley NNR)
149. Mediterranean Gull (Elmley NNR)
150. Reed Warbler (Elmley NNR)
151. Whimbrel (Elmley NNR)
2nd May
152. Common Swift (Holmethorpe Lagoons)
153. Little Ringed Plover (Holmethorpe Lagoons)
4th May
154. Whinchat (Papercourt Meadow)
155. Nightingale (Papercourt Meadow)
7th May
156. Garden Warbler (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
157. Cuckoo (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
9th May
158. Tree Pipit (Chobham Common)
13th May
159. Hobby (Chobham Common)
30th May
160. Hooded Crow (Inverness)
31st May
161. Spotted Flycatcher (RSPB Corrimony)
162. SLAVONIAN GREBE (Loch Ruthven)
163. RED-THROATED DIVER (Loch Ruthven)
1st June
164. Eider (Culbin Sands)
165. Arctic Tern (Chanonry Point)
2nd June
166. Common Sandpiper (Findhorn Valley)
167. GOLDEN EAGLE (Findhorn Valley)
168. Osprey (RSPB Loch Garten)
3rd June
169. Common Crossbill (Abernethy Forest)
170. CRESTED TIT (Abernethy Forest)
171. PTARMIGAN (Glen Feshie)
172. Common Redstart (Loch an Eilein)
4th June
173. Ring Ouzel (Cairngorm Day Lodge Garden)
7th June
174. Nightjar (Chobham Common)
25th July
175. Green Sandpiper (The Moors)
2nd August
176. Gannet (New Quay)
177. Fulmar (Cardigan Bay)
178. Manx Shearwater (Cardigan Bay)
5th August
179. Chough (Snowdon)
6th August
180. Shag (RSPB South Stack)
181. Great White Egret (RSPB Conwy)
18th September
182. CATTLE EGRET (RSPB Dungeness)
183. Knot (RSPB Dungeness)
184. Curlew Sandpiper (RSPB Dungeness)
25th September
185. RED-BACKED SHRIKE (Tide Mills)
9th October
186. YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER (RSPB Pulborough Brooks)
22nd October
187. Tree Sparrow (Whisby Nature Park)
24th October
188. Snow Bunting (Kilnsea)
189. COMMON SCOTER (Spurn)
190. Woodcock (Spurn)
191. Jack Snipe (Spurn)
25th October
192. HUME’S LEAF WARBLER (RSPB Bempton Cliffs)
193. Little Gull (Flamborough Cliffs)
13th November
194. Bittern (RSPB Minsmere)
5th December
195. DESERT WHEATEAR (Normans Bay)
11th December
196. LONG-TAILED DUCK (Frensham Great Pond)

11 Responses to Annual Bird-Spotting Lists

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Nearly misidentified one of your black headed gulls as Med Gull. Got excited and then realised the tail feathers were wrong.

  2. I can’t believe you got to 93 before seeing a Herring Gull! You really should come down to Cornwall for a visit. Well, you should have done, but it looks like you’ve covered most of the gulls now, so it’s probably not worth it!

    • mixaeljones says:

      I’ve probably seen load already, but my identification ineptitude has hindered me no end! I’m more than happy for a Cornwall visit though – Let’s arrange something…

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