What’s This All About?


Thanks for taking the time to read this sentence –  There are a few more after this, so sit tight…

2014 will be the Chinese Year of the Horse, the Year of the Brain in Europe and the Year of Homecoming in Scotland.  For me, however, 2014 will be the Year of Birds.

If I’m honest, 2013 was a bit birdy…  I think I might have been turning into someone who has developed a keen interest in all things avian for a little while now.  Nature-watching is a great thing to spend your lunchtime doing when you work next to a field.

I’m far from being an expert ornithologist, but am trying really hard to learn what’s what in the bird world.  Hopefully, this experience will be enriching and also give me the opportunity to unapologetically crow-bar bird names into overly-complicated sentences.  Everyone loves a bit of birdplay, don’t they?

I have a set of binoculars, a bird guide and a jumper with a duck* on, so I am now pleased to welcome you all to 2014 and my close encounters of the bird kind…  Whilst simultaneously pretending to apologise for any dodgy bird-related puns I make throughout the course of the year.

* The duck on the jumper is a Mallard – I’m sometimes alright with this identification lark!


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